Riding needs arms but cannot find any!

The equine sector has more than 1,000 job offers to fill, but there are fewer and fewer candidates. So she launches a campaign, and a slogan: #lechevalrecrute

The equestrian sector is recruiting

While the unemployment rate should reach 7.6%, by the end of the year, according to INSEE, its lowest level in 13 years, there are sectors in «tension» which have jobs. , full of positions, to be filled and which cannot be found. As in catering, or public works, for example, we often talk about it. 

What we do not know is that in sport too, there is a sector that does not manage to attract enough candidates: it is Horse Riding.

The equine sector needs hands and cannot find any. 

A record, historic, while the number of applications is in free fall. The sector needs grooms, to take care of the horses, training riders or lad-drivers or lad-jockeys, to care for and train racehorses. 

There are about fifty different and little-known trades in the equine sector, which is in full professionalization, and which is recruiting more and more. 

More than 3,500 jobs each year, but almost a third cannot find a taker

However, Horse Riding is a flourishing sector, which generates a whopping 14 billion euros and which employs 146,000 people, 60% of whom are women, in France alone. France, where Equitation represents 660,000 licensees. It is the third sports federation in the country, the first among women! 

But the sector suffers from a lack of attractiveness and a deficit of image. Outdoor work doesn’t attract as much as you might think. And this lack of arms, it worries the equine industry. And that has direct consequences for companies in the sector: fewer horses in stud farms, reduction or cancellation of activities, or even outright closure of certain structures. Lack of qualified personnel.

And what is the equine industry doing about this?   

She tries to seduce. This is why she is launching a campaign, #lechevalrecrute. To reach the widest audience, all «horse lovers» might be tempted to get into passionate professions. 

And for the occasion, it is now taking over the famous and prestigious Haras national du Pin, in the Orne region. With lots of workshops to help you discover the different trades around the horse, particularly those that are in contact with animals. 

Those who precisely need vital forces. Because know-how is good, but you also have to make it known.